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Welcome to Crypto Network NZ - in bitcoin we trust-less!

At Crypto Network NZ our mission is to provide basic information for people new to this industry and to hopefully unravel some of the mysteries of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. We understand that this quiet revolution taking place to disrupt the established financial oligarch's can be very daunting and we hope that after visiting our site you will feel more confident taking the first steps into cryptocurrency and bitcoin ownership.

If you are reading this then you have more than likely heard a little bit about bitcoin already. If you want to know more about the almost limitless possibilities in the underlying blockchain technology and about the wider cryptocurrency movement, then you are in the right place!

Although the concept of blockchain was introduced to the public in 2009 through the release of the world's first fully decentralised digital currency and payment system - bitcoin, it is only in the last 2-3 years that large organisations are seeing the benefits that blockchain technology can offer to their business processes. The possibilities opened up by a simply titled smart contract run over the blockchain have got large corporations very excited indeed. You just have to google Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to see a small selection of companies and industries that are supporting this rapidly growing technology. And its not just business that will benefit from blockchain, its each and every individual on this planet that has access to a smartphone and the internet. This is because blockchain has finally shown us how society can operate in a completely trustless system both in regards to finance and payments, but also generally in every day interactions with other people.

So it is no wonder that the total market capitalisation of many organisations using the blockchain has increased significantly this year alone and, although many commentators may say they are in a bubble, we are still lucky enough to be at the early adopter stage, and in our view many of these projects will continue growing....

And it is these organisations on the blockchain which are creating the alternatives to bitcoin - hundreds of other cryptocurrencies which are used in a variety of ways to provide a measure of value and record of ownership. These other cryptocurrencies are known as altcoins, and unlike traditional forms of investment (stocks, bonds, property) they have a low dollar point of entry and are very accessible to every day people like us.

Then of course there's bitcoin. To fully understand blockchain and cryptocurrency, it's best to learn about bitcoin first. Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper for bitcoin is only 9 pages long, so a read through of that wouldn't hurt. Then we can start delving into all the questions including what is bitcoin, how does bitcoin work and what gives bitcoin value. Along the way you will hopefully discover why bitcoin is still the dominant digital currency and hopefully gain some insight into what the future may hold.

So.... lots to get through then! Try watching the short video on this page entitled "Bitcoin and Blockchain Explained" for a brief introduction. From there we recommend having a browse through the Bitcoin section, checking out the Altcoin page and also clicking on some of the links provided in the Resource section.

Through this website and an up-to-date Twitter feed with information on all the latest developments in cryptocurrency, ultimately we hope to be a catalyst for you to start benefiting early-on from some of the opportunities being offered by the power of blockchain.

So if you're prepared to take the red pill, come and join the biggest people's revolution since Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web and lets see how deep the rabbit hole goes! We don't profess to be experts, but we are passionate about this technology and very keen to share some of our experiences with you in an easy to follow and informative way...

What is BItcoin?

Bitcoin and Blockchain Explained