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Golem (GNT)



Launching their ICO in October 2016, Golem is a blockchain start-up utilising the Ethereum platform to launch its own cryptocurrency, Golem Network Token (GNT), and claims to be "the first truly decentralized supercomputer creating the first global market for idle computer power". Of the many start-ups launching on the Ethereum platform over the past 12 months, Golem is considered by many to be an exciting long-term project with real-world applications and a very capable development and leadership team. The price per coin at launch was approximately $0.015 USD and this has climbed steadily to now be hovering around the $0.35 USD mark, an increase of over 1000%. See the full Golem chart below

Golem Price and Volume Chart

The chart below is interactive. You can select the date range you want to view by clicking and dragging on the chart or moving the slider across at the bottom. You can also select the currency you want to display the price in and the specific exchange you want to view prices for.